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Designing the exterior of a house can be a daunting task, but with the right tools and inspiration, it can be a fun and exciting project. Thanks to modern technology, designing your home’s exterior has never been easier with the help of exterior design apps. These apps can guide you through the process of choosing colors, materials, and landscaping to create the perfect look for your house. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at exterior design apps and how they can help you bring your vision to life.

What is a Home Exterior Design App?

A home exterior design app is a digital tool designed to help homeowners get creative and visualize their ideas for their home’s exterior. With the help of an exterior design app, users can experiment with various color palettes, design materials, and landscaping options, making the design process less daunting and more enjoyable.

The Benefits of Using a Home Exterior Design App

There are several advantages that come with using an exterior design app:

  • Get Real-Time Feedback : One of the best features of an exterior design app is that it offers real-time feedback. Users can “see” the result of their changes almost immediately, allowing them to refine and modify their design accordingly
  • Experiment with Different Options : With a design app, homeowners can try out various design options, from color palettes to landscaping, without making any costly mistakes. This way, users can switch up their design until they find the one that is perfect for their home.
  • Save Time and Money : By using a design app, homeowners can save time and money by experimenting with different design options virtually and ensuring they’ve explored all the possibilities before committing to anything. This minimizes the chance of buyers regret or expensive error.

Top Home Exterior Design Apps

Several exterior design apps are available for homeowners to use. Here are the top ones:

App Name Price Description
Houzz Free A popular app that provides an extensive library of design ideas, including landscapes, window styles, and exterior colors.
TapPainter $2.99 A user-friendly app that allows homeowners to visualize how different paint colors will look on their home’s exterior.
iScape Free with in-app purchases This app allows homeowners to visualize and experiment with various landscape designs, including hardscape and softscape options.
Home Outside $4.99/month or $14.99/year An app that focuses on design tools for outdoor living, including landscape, hardscape, and exterior furniture options.

It’s always a good idea for homeowners to experiment with various apps to identify the one that suits their specific needs, and check ratings and reviews before committing to downloading the app. Nonetheless, exploring a home exterior design app is a great start to transforming your home – have fun!

Features of Home Exterior Design Apps

Home exterior design apps have become increasingly popular in recent years, especially for those who want to renovate or build their houses. These apps provide users with numerous features that make designing and visualizing their dream home much easier. Here are some of the most important features of home exterior design apps:

3D Rendering

One of the most important features of home exterior design apps is the 3D rendering. These apps allow you to create a virtual 3D model of your house, giving you an accurate representation of how your house will look once it’s built or renovated. This feature is not only useful for homeowners but also for architects and designers who want to share their designs with their clients.

The 3D rendering feature is extremely realistic, allowing you to see what your house will look like from different angles. You can view the exterior design of your house in different lighting conditions too, so you can see how your house will look like during the day and night.

Various Design Options

Another important feature of home exterior design apps is the ability to choose from a variety of design options. These apps come with pre-made designs and templates that you can use as a starting point for your house design. You can also customize these designs and templates to fit your preferences.

You can choose from different architectural styles, such as modern, traditional, or contemporary. You can also choose the size of your house, number of floors, and the overall layout of your house. You can add or remove windows, doors, balconies, and other features to make your house more personalized.

Material and Color Selection

Home exterior design apps also offer a wide range of material and color selection options. You can choose from different building materials, such as brick, stone, wood, or stucco. You can also select different colors for your roof, walls, windows, and doors.

You can choose colors that match your personal style or complement the surrounding environment. This feature allows you to experiment with different color combinations and see how they look like before making any final decisions.

Compatibility with Mobile Devices

Most home exterior design apps are compatible with mobile devices, which means you can access them from anywhere, even when you’re on-the-go. You can use these apps to create and share your house designs with your friends and family, or with your architect or contractor.

You can also use these apps to get inspiration and ideas for your house design. You can browse through different designs and templates, save your favorite designs, and use them as a reference when designing your own house.

  • In conclusion, home exterior design apps are a valuable tool for homeowners, architects, and designers. They offer a wide range of features, such as 3D rendering, various design options, material and color selection, and compatibility with mobile devices, that make designing and visualizing your dream house much easier.

Advantages of Using a Home Exterior Design App

Designing the exterior of your home can be a challenging task, especially with the many design choices available. From color schemes to roofing materials, homeowners need to make informed decisions to achieve their desired aesthetics and functionality. Fortunately, with the rise of technology, homeowners can now use a home exterior design app to help them visualize their design choices and make informed decisions before starting a project.

Time and Money Savings

One of the main advantages of using a home exterior design app is that it can save homeowners time and money. Before the advent of technology, homeowners would have to physically visit home improvement stores to view samples of different design choices and materials. However, with a home exterior design app, homeowners can now view a wide range of design choices, colors, and materials right from the comfort of their homes or offices. This means that homeowners do not have to spend time and money traveling to different home improvement stores, comparing prices and materials. Instead, all they need to do is access the app on their mobile devices and view the various designs available.

Visualize Design Choices

Another advantage of using a home exterior design app is that it enables homeowners to visualize their design choices. With the app, homeowners can upload a picture of their current home exterior and then apply different design choices to visualize how their home would look like with each choice. This allows homeowners to see exactly how their design choices would look like in the real world before making any commitments. The app also allows homeowners to select different color schemes, roofing materials, and other exterior features to create a cohesive design.

Informed Decisions

The third advantage of using a home exterior design app is that it helps homeowners make informed decisions. The app provides homeowners with product information such as pricing, performance, and installation requirements that help homeowners choose the best materials for their project. By using the app, homeowners can also compare different products and designs side by side, making it easier for them to select the one that meets their preferences and budget. Additionally, the app can provide homeowners with an estimated cost for their exterior design project, helping them plan their budget accordingly.


In conclusion, using a home exterior design app provides homeowners with several benefits, including time and money savings, the ability to visualize their design choices, and making informed decisions. Therefore, homeowners looking to renovate or upgrade their home exterior should consider using a home exterior design app to simplify the process and create a cohesive design that meets their preferences and budget.

Popular Home Exterior Design Apps

As home exterior design becomes more popular, it’s no surprise that there are now several great apps that can help you envision and plan your dream home. The following apps are some of the most popular and highly rated for exterior home design.


Homestyler is a great app for exterior design since it offers a range of features to make the process much easier. With Homestyler, you can upload a photo of your home and then try out different designs and colors to see what looks best. You can also experiment with different landscaping ideas and add additional features like a patio or outdoor kitchen. The app is free to download, and you can even save your designs and share them with friends and family.


Houzz is another popular home design app that offers a range of features for exterior design. With Houzz, you can browse a range of designs and get inspired for your own home. You can also create your own virtual design using 3D modeling tools and experiment with different colors and materials. Additionally, you can view photos of other homes in your area to see what designs are popular. The app is free to download, and the range of features makes it a great option for anyone interested in exterior home design.


While not specifically designed for exterior home design, Pinterest is still a great resource for finding inspiration and design ideas. You can search for specific styles or features and create boards to save your favorite designs. Additionally, Pinterest offers a range of home design tips and DIY projects that can help you improve your home’s exterior. The app is free to download and can be a great resource for anyone looking to improve their home’s curb appeal.

Home Design 3D Outdoor

Home Design 3D Outdoor is an excellent app for those who want to visualize a complete outdoor space. The app is incredibly detailed and allows you to create a complete 3D model of your space. You can add plants, furniture, and even outdoor lighting to see what your space would look like at night. The app is free to download, and the high level of customization makes it a great tool for exterior home design.


If you’re looking for an app that offers a ton of features to customize your outdoor space, iScape is a great option. With iScape, you can take a photo of your space and then overlay different designs and features to see what looks best. You can experiment with patio designs, outdoor lighting, and even water features. The app is free to download, but there are additional features available for purchase if you want to unlock more design options.

Choosing the Right Home Exterior Design App

Are you thinking about redesigning the exterior of your home? Thanks to technology, there are many apps available that can help you visualize different options. When selecting a home exterior design app, consider factors such as your budget, preferred features, level of design experience, and user reviews.


Just like with any project, it’s important to consider your budget when selecting a home exterior design app. Some apps may be free, while others may come with a fee or require in-app purchases to unlock certain features. Keep in mind that the more expensive apps may offer more intricate design options, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the best fit for your specific needs.

Preferred Features

Think about your ideal design features when exploring different apps. Do you want an app that only offers a few basic options or one that allows for more customization? Some apps may focus solely on color selection, while others allow you to select and manipulate specific design elements. Consider what is important to you and what features you would like in your ideal home exterior design app.

Design Experience

Take into account your level of design experience when selecting an app. Are you a professional designer or just someone looking to make a few simple changes? Consider the user interface of each app and whether it is user-friendly. Some apps may come with tutorials or a user guide, which can be helpful if you’re new to exterior design.

User Reviews

One of the most valuable resources when selecting a home exterior design app are user reviews. Take the time to read through reviews and pay attention to both negative and positive feedback. Reviews can give you insight into how the app functions, any glitches or issues, and if it’s worth the investment. If there are multiple negative reviews, it may be best to explore other options.

App Recommendations

  • Home Design 3D – This app offers both a free and a paid version, and allows you to design both the interior and exterior of your home.
  • Planner 5D – This app also offers both a free and a paid version, and allows for more advanced features like material selection and lighting design.
  • Houzz – This app is free and offers a large database of exterior design ideas, as well as the ability to visualize different designs on your own home through their My Room feature.
  • TapGlance – This app offers a 14-day free trial and is great for those with little design experience, with their user-friendly interface and pre-made design templates.
  • Palette Cam – This app is free and allows you to take a photo of a color you like and match it with corresponding paint colors.


Exterior design plays an essential role in enhancing a property’s aesthetics. People often consult an architecture or an interior designer for attaining an excellent home exterior design. However, with the advent of technology, this task has become relatively more accessible with the availability of home exterior design apps. Here are some frequently asked questions that can help a person interested in exterior design apps.

Can home exterior design apps be used for commercial buildings too?

Yes, most of the home exterior design apps can be used for commercial buildings. While some apps offer explicitly residential designs, most apps provide customization features that can be used to design a commercial building’s exterior. Additionally, some apps also offer pre-built designs that cater to commercial building requirements.

Do all home exterior design apps require payment?

No, not all home exterior design apps require payment. Several apps provide basic services for free. However, if a user wants access to more advanced features or a wider range of designs, they would need to pay. Some apps have a subscription-based model that can offer multiple services, while some provide a lifetime license that is a one-time payment.

What if the app doesn’t have the material or color I want?

While most apps come with a wide range of material and color options, there’s always a possibility that the user may not find their preferred choice. In such a case, some apps offer a customization feature where the user can import their material or color choice into the app. Additionally, if the app doesn’t offer this feature, the user can consult an interior or an architecture designer to get recommendations on the choice of material and color for their exterior design.

What are the benefits of using a home exterior design app?

Home exterior design apps have several benefits. First, it helps save time and effort by eliminating the need to visit a physical location to seek a designer’s advice. Second, it provides a platform for the user to experiment with different designs, materials, and colors, giving an idea of how it would look in reality. Third, it is relatively cost-effective (depending on the app chosen) compared to hiring a professional designer. Lastly, it enables the user to take full control of the design process and make changes at their convenience.

What should I consider before choosing a home exterior design app?

Before choosing a home exterior design app, it’s vital to consider the features, pricing model, and user reviews. Ensure the app has a wide range of designs, materials, and colors to select from, the pricing model fits within your budget, and the user reviews reflect a positive experience.

Are the designs produced by these apps always accurate when compared to real-life results?

The designs produced by home exterior design apps are only virtual representation and may differ in reality. It’s advisable to consult an architecture, an interior designer, or a professional before finalizing the design.

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