How to Achieve a Modern Hamptons Interior Design Look

Modern Hamptons interior design is a popular style option for those who want to infuse their living spaces with a touch of sophistication and luxury. This design style is known for its light and airy aesthetic, focusing on a color palette of neutrals with soft accents such as blues and greens. With a Hamptons-inspired interior, you can bring the relaxed yet refined ambiance of a vacation home into your daily life. In this article, we will explore the key features of modern Hamptons interior design and provide tips on how to incorporate this look into your own home.

The Hamptons: A Brief History

The Hamptons, also known as The East End, is located on the eastern end of Long Island, New York. The area includes a group of villages and hamlets in the towns of Southampton and East Hampton. The Hamptons are known for their beautiful beaches, extravagant mansions, and high-end shopping. However, the history of The Hamptons is much more interesting than just its luxury aspect.

Early History

The Shinnecock Indian Nation were the original inhabitants of the Hamptons, living there for thousands of years before Europeans arrived. When the English settled in the area in the mid-1600s, the Shinnecock people were forced off their land, and the English established Southampton and East Hampton as farming communities. Throughout the 18th and 19th centuries, the Hamptons became known for agriculture, fishing, and whaling. Many of the buildings from this time period still exist in the area and are now listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The Rise of The Hamptons

After the Civil War, The Hamptons began to develop an identity as a summer resort for the wealthy and elite. By the 1880s, wealthy families were building summer homes in the area, and the luxurious resorts, like the Maidstone Club and the Shinnecock Hills Golf Club, began to attract the social elite. These families would spend their summers in The Hamptons, enjoying the beautiful beaches and engaging in recreational activities like fishing, boating, and horseback riding.

Modern Day Hamptons

Today, The Hamptons continue to be a popular summer destination for the wealthy and elite, but the area has also become more accessible to the general public. The Hamptons still boast beautiful beaches and luxurious mansions, but they are also known for their vibrant arts scene and the many events and festivals that take place throughout the year. The area is also home to many farm-to-table restaurants that emphasize locally sourced ingredients, making The Hamptons a foodie destination as well.

Creating a Modern Hamptons Living Room

When it comes to interior design, the Hamptons style is known for its elegant, beachy vibe that incorporates natural textures, neutral colors, and timeless elegance. However, if you’re looking to update this classic style to create a more modern living space, there are a few key design tips to keep in mind. From furniture choices to lighting and decor accents, here’s how to create a modern Hamptons living room that still captures the essence of this iconic design aesthetic.

1. Choose the Right Furniture

One of the key components of any living room is the furniture. When it comes to a modern Hamptons style, look for pieces with clean lines and a streamlined silhouette. Avoid anything that feels too bulky or overly ornate, as this can detract from the overall modern vibe you’re trying to create.

Some furniture options to consider include:

  • Sleek sofas with straight arms and tailored cushions
  • Low-profile accent chairs with metal or wood frame details
  • Avoid overstuffed chairs, heavy wood furniture, and anything with an ornate or overly traditional design that feels out of place in a more modern space.

2. Incorporate the Right Lighting

Another key aspect of a modern Hamptons living room is the lighting. Choose fixtures that are sleek and modern, but still feel timeless and elegant. Avoid anything too flashy or ornate, and opt for muted metal finishes like brushed gold or silver.

Some modern lighting options to consider include:

  • Sleek floor lamps with oversized shades
  • Metallic pendant lights with clean lines and minimal detailing
  • Avoid chandeliers, table lamps with frilly shades, or anything else that feels too traditional or delicate.

3. Add Decor Accents with Care

To tie the entire modern Hamptons living room together, it’s important to add in the right decor accents. Focus on natural textures like wood, rattan, and woven fabrics, and stick to a neutral color palette with pops of navy, green, or other muted coastal hues.

Some great decor accents to consider include:

  • Woven area rugs or natural fiber doormats
  • Hammered metal table accessories, such as trays or vases
  • Throw pillows in neutral shades with subtle coastal patterns

It’s important not to overdo it with the decor accents, however. Keep things simple and understated, while still bringing in the cozy, beachy vibe that defines the Hamptons style.

The Modern Hamptons Bedroom

Creating a modern Hamptons-inspired bedroom is all about combining classic coastal design with contemporary elements. Here are some tips on designing a sophisticated and comfortable bedroom that embodies the relaxed yet timeless style of the Hamptons.

Color Scheme

The modern Hamptons color scheme is all about incorporating light, bright and airy hues that evoke a sense of calm and tranquillity. Stick to neutral colors such as creams, greys and whites as your base and then add in pops of color like seafoam green, navy blue or sandy beige to capture the essence of the Hamptons. Invest in high-quality bed linen in crisp white, soft greys or faded blues to add a touch of luxury to your bedroom.


When choosing furniture for your Hamptons-inspired bedroom, go for comfortable yet stylish pieces. Invest in a comfortable bed with a padded headboard, add in a side table or two, and a comfortable armchair. Choose furniture with clean lines and simple designs and pay attention to the details like the finishes and hardware to ensure that they complement the overall look of your bedroom. Light or blonde wood like oak, birch or maple are great choices for your furniture pieces.


The right accessories can take your modern Hamptons bedroom to the next level. Go for simple yet elegant elements that add texture and interest like woven blankets, knitted throws, and smooth faux fur pillows. Mirrors are also a great addition to enhance the natural light and create a spacious look for your room. Include elements of nature to bring in that beachy feel – like summer succulents, sea glass, and shells collected from a day at the beach.


The modern Hamptons-inspired bedroom is designed to be soothing and relaxing, so it’s crucial to get the lighting right. Layered lighting is key, combining overhead lighting with table and floor lamps to create a warm, inviting feel. Choose soft light bulbs that emit yellow tones rather than harsh white light, and have a dimmer switch installed to control the light levels. The right lighting can transform your bedroom into a cozy and comfortable space, perfect for unwinding after a long day.


When it comes to flooring, hardwood flooring is the go-to choice for a Hamptons-style bedroom. It’s elegant, timeless and adds warmth to your space. If you want to create that beachy feel, opt for a white-washed or grey-washed oak or maple flooring, but if you want a more classic look, a deep brown tone would do. A well-placed area rug in a rich blue or green adds texture and color to your hardwood flooring while also making your space feel cozy.

Frequently Asked Questions about Modern Hamptons Interior Design

Modern Hamptons interior design is a popular trend that blends the relaxed vibe of the beach with contemporary elements. If you’re looking to incorporate this style into your home, you may have some questions. Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about modern Hamptons interior design.

What is modern Hamptons interior design?

Modern Hamptons interior design is a style that combines coastal elements with modern decor. It’s characterized by bright, airy spaces, natural materials, and a color palette that includes shades of blue, white, and beige. Common features of this style include rattan furniture, jute rugs, and nautical decor.

How can I incorporate coastal elements into my modern Hamptons interior design?

One way to incorporate coastal elements into your modern Hamptons interior design is to use natural materials like jute, rattan, and linen. You can also add nautical decor like seashells, woven baskets, and ropes. Another way to incorporate coastal elements is to use a color palette inspired by the beach, including shades of blue, white, and beige.

What are some budget-friendly decor options for modern Hamptons interior design?

  • Thrift stores and flea markets can be great places to find vintage furniture that fits the modern Hamptons style.
  • DIY projects can be a fun and affordable way to add decor to your home. For example, you can make your own woven wall hanging or rope coasters.
  • Simple updates like new throw pillows or curtains can make a big impact without breaking the bank.

What are some tips for keeping my modern Hamptons interior design from feeling too beachy?

If you want to keep your modern Hamptons interior design from feeling too beachy, try to balance coastal elements with modern decor. For example, you could pair a rattan chair with a sleek, metal side table. You can also mix in other design styles, like mid-century modern or industrial, to create a more eclectic look.

What are some ways to create a bright and airy space in my modern Hamptons interior design?

  • Choose light-colored furniture and decor, like white or beige.
  • Use sheer or lightweight curtains to let in natural light.
  • Hang mirrors to reflect light and make the space feel bigger.
  • Keep the space clutter-free to create an open, airy feel.

What are some modern Hamptons interior design trends for 2021?

Design Trend Description Example
Earthy Tones Using earthy colors, like greens and browns, to add warmth to a space. A green velvet sofa paired with a rattan coffee table.
Shiplap Walls Adding shiplap paneling to walls to create a beachy, rustic look. A white shiplap accent wall in the living room.
Rattan Lighting Using rattan light fixtures to add texture and interest to a space. A rattan pendant light above the dining table.

Whether you’re working with a tight budget or trying to balance coastal elements with modern decor, modern Hamptons interior design offers endless possibilities. With the right mix of natural materials, bright colors, and contemporary style, you can create a space that’s both relaxing and chic.

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